No matter if you have a commissioned shoot for a client of you are planning your next Stock Photography project…

I hear it all the time:

” Yeah, but how do I shoot more images!?”

No more guess work! Get ready to discover 10 simple yet creative ways to produce more inspired images from your next photoshoot

Not only will you earn more money during low periods like the holidays but you’ll also feel inspired to produce fun and profitable Stock Photography

Watch the video below to plan your creative 2020. Let’s do this!


Ready to find year round inspiration? I’ll get you ready to shoot fun and creative seasonal ideas in no time.

To get started, you’ll need the following:

 30 minutes or your time (it  will be painless, I promise!)

 Access to an online calendar (I’ll be giving the demo with Google Calendar)

 The online or printed 2020 calendar workbook 

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