Your roadmap to creating and selling inspired images online

Being a freelance photographer is NOT for the faint of heart. Everyday, you may face:


Working with difficult clients


The hunt for your next contract


The financial risk


Long hours

It can all be draining:

As an artist myself, I discovered that these problems could be solved by selling my images online.

When done right, Stock Photography is the secret weapon to build a creative portfolio AND bring in consistent passive income every month.

From Starving artist to Passive income machine

Here are 2 important facts about Stock Photography

There is such a thing as non-crappy Stock Photography

Let me guess, you are imagining thumbs up and woman laughing with salad? Think again! The STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY Masterclass will teach you how to create inspired Stock Photography that is:

 Based on today’s trends so you can be proud of the images you produce

 Fits your own artistic strengths so you can feel confident growing your portfolio

 Feels authentic and reflects your own values. I did create that with my own business!

You can make real money from Stock Photography

Take it from me, I’ve gone from struggling artist to passive income machine. Since learning about Stock Photography and building my online portfolio I’ve:

 Earned over $130 000 USD from Stock Photography

 Traveled all over the world with my camera (Bali, South Africa, Europe…)

 Been semi-retired for 2.5 years at 38 years old

And so can you with

Your roadmap to creating and selling inspired images online

Here’s what you’ll learn:

 How to choose and monetize the images you already have on your hard drives.

 Understand the Stock Photography market so you can produce images that are creative and sell online

 What type of Stock photography will best fit your niche so you can produce images you actually love

 Time saving strategies to send you images to Stock agencies so you can spend more time on the fun aspects of photography

“Since getting started 11 months ago, I’ve made 3785$ “

I had started to visit forums, Skillshare and Youtube but to be honest I haven’t found those communities to be very useful. Julie is very honest, open person and wants to help other people but not a lot of people are like that. That kind of attitude got me super motivated and looking at Julie’s portfolio and experience, these were all motivating factors to get started.

Having Julie’s advice on what and how to shoot, my content has been selling reaaally well. In the first month I got only a few sales but it was very exciting and I was super happy! Since getting started 11 months ago, I’ve made 3785$ and I’ve  earned 700$ in the last month alone. Since I got started my sales just increased and increased every month and my numbers are still going up!

Jonathan Erasmus

South Africa

Who is this course for?

This course will be most valuable to you if:


You already are a photographer

You may have formal training or you’re a self-taught and passionate photographer. Either way, you probably already have hard drives full of images ready to make you money! To best enjoy this course, you should already have some experience as a photographer: this course isn’t intended to teach you how to use your camera or the basics of exposure but we will cover some color-correcting and retouching skill specific to Stock Photography.

Your business fluctuates through the year

If you have busy months followed by quiet ones, this course is ideal for you. You’ll learn how to use Stock Photography as a complement to your existing business so you can focus on your clients when needed and then create your own projects that will bring income all year long when you have free time.

You are looking for better, higher paying clients

By following this course, you will build a strong professional photography portfolio. Create a collection of images that will get you the clients you want to work with. Take it from me: When I send potential clients to my photography website I don’t get bargained down anymore!

You can feel yourself getting tired of the self-employed life

If you’ve chosen to be a freelance photographer, then you’ve chosen the life of an artist and that can be a struggle. But there is a way to make things easier for yourself. Before hitting burn out or considering going back to your 9 to 5, please give this course a try!! It will bring back the stability of income you’ve been missing.

Here is what you’ll get:

 12 Modules taking you from the basics to advanced notions in no time

 Hours of actionable video content showing you step by step how to licence your photography

 Workbook for every chapter so you can track and plan for success

 Lifetime access to the course and all future upgrades

Got more Q's? I've got some A's!

But isn't Stock Photography all about "thumbs up" and cheesy smiles?

Said who? I won't be teaching you about your grandfather's Stock Photography here! Some Stock is cheesy, that's true but high-quality commercial images will always be in demand. The key is finding the right trends to get inspired and producing your own inspired images.

I'm not a professional photographer, is this course for me?

Yes and no. It doesn't matter if you are self-taught or have formal training; if you are a hobbyist photographer or a professional, this course can work for you. BUT! this course will not focus on learning how to use your camera or the basics of exposure. Together, we will cover topics that are specific to selling your images online instead of basic photography theory.

I'm not comfortable shooting with people, will this course work for me?


Now I won't lie, photos with people (aka lifestyle photography) sells really well BUT if it's not your jam I'll teach you how to shoot creative and profitable images without them.

One sidenote: you WILL have to challenge yourself as a photographr to create high quality images that buyers will want to buy. I'll teach you how but this also means that if you were hoping to make money just snapping around without putting in the work, this course probably won't work for you... #friendlytruthbomb

Why do I need a course? Can't I just figure it on my own?

There is some information out there but the reality is that most Stock Photographers are quite protective of their knowledge. For them, teaching their secrets means loosing some share of the market so the information available is pretty generic. When I got started, it took me over a year to get the knowledge I needed and a lot of it came from my own experience.

I am first and foremost an artist and a teacher. Earning passive income as an artist has changed my life and seeing other creatives struggle makes me really sad. That's why I created this course  🙂

Aren't royalties really small? Can it be worth it to pay for a course if it won't pay much?

Good question! there is 2 key elements to this answer: Firstly, royalties usually are small but somethimes they can be 10, 50 or 100$. Not too shabby, right?!

Secondly, what makes royalties so powerful is the volume. My best selling image has earned just under 5000$US and was downloaded 6600 times.  The average royaly is 0.75$ per download but think about it: when is the last time a client has paid you 5000$ for a single image?

And who is the teacher exactly?

I'm glad you asked! You can read my full bio on the ABOUT PAGE

I'm already so busy with my photography business, is this course worth my time?

If you are working too much you REALLY need this course! Think of it as an investment of your time.

Learning to create your own photoshoots will put you back in the driver's seat of your business. You'll build the portfolio YOU want, you'll earn consistent income and you'll finally be able to say NO to overly demanding or underpaying clients.

More than that, each chapter is structured into short, well organised video lessons. This way, you can go through as little or as much of the content as you choose, when you do get some free time.

When does the course start and end?

It starts now and ends never. As soon as you register, you'll get the full course available online. You will get lifetime access and all upgrades made to the course in the future.

How often is this course updated?

Things change in every industry and Stock Photography is no exception. This course will be updated every quarter to reflect the changes that happen in the market.

Is there any warranty to the course? What if it doesn't work for me?

I practice what I preach so I am 100% confident that you can start your Stock portfoilo in 30 days and start making a life changing side income from Stock Photography.

By choosing this course, you are also choosing to show up and do the work. If you follow the course and upload your images online but don't feel like Stock Photography is for you, I'll gladly give you your money back within 30 days.

Your roadmap to creating and selling inspired images online

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