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The photoshoot variation checklist

Discover 10 creative ways to get more images from your next photoshoot.

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How to use Stock Photography as a way to grow your camera skills

How to create fun and easy projects that turn into jaw dropping images

How to choose and focus on your zone of talent as a photographer so you can skyrocket your portfolio

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One-on-one Coaching   

Are you looking to fast-track your Stock Photography progress? You’d be amazed by what a single 1 hour session can do!

What’s Included:

  Pre-meeting questionnaire to define your needs

  60-Minute Online coaching session tailored to your needs

  The recording of our session for you to keep

What We Can Cover:

   Stock Portfolio review

  Coaching with shoot planning

  Camera and composition skills

  Keywording and uploading strategy

your investment: 275 $US

Thomas Fure

Photographer, Norway

There is a stereotype that Canadians are so friendly and Julie fits that stereotype 100%. I had a 1 hour conversation with Julie that turned into more like 1.5 hours. She gave me a lot of great tips about Stock Photography. We talked about how to keyword pictures, how to think a little bit “outside the box” and what software to use to make the keywording and submitting of pictures more efficiently.

Since improving my keywords based on her advice, my sales have gone up 40% in 2 months.

Julie is a very nice lady with lots of great energy and knowledge about Stock Photography!

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