What if Photography brought you joy AND money?

If you have a passion for photography, you are in the right place!

Get ready to improve your photography skills, all while earning passive income from your creativity

Your photography… now fueled by passive income!

 Are you feeling in an inspiration rut?
 Fed up with starving artist mode?
 Or looking to build a business on your own terms?

You are at the right place! At LearnStockPhotography.com creative photographers will learn how to make consistent income while building their dream commercial photography portfolio.


Being self-employed can be HARD! How about keeping your clients but also using passive income to pay for that amazing lens you’ve been dreaming about or a new fun photography gadget?

I call that the best of both worlds.


You can’t get quality clients without a killer portfolio and you can’t get a portfolio without clients… does that ring a bell?

Break the catch 22 and get behind the wheel of your creative vision by producting your own portfolio worthy stock shoots.


Pick and choose what you’ll do when passive income starts coming in while you sleep or take a well deserved day off. 

Spend more quality time whether it’s long weekends with the kiddos or relaxing vacations in exotic locations.

So, who is behind LearnStockPhotography logo

Hi there! I’m Julie

I’m part creative ninja, part digital nomad with a pinch of savvy business woman.

Since 2014, I’ve been licensing my lifestyle photography online, building a business on my own termsAt that time I started from my mom’s guest bedroom but now, I have a business that I love, that lets me do photography on my own terms.

Since learning about Stock Photography I’ve:

 Built my dream portfolio and no longer have to justify my rates

 Earned full-time, consistent income as an artist

 Traveled all over the world with my camera (Bali, South Africa, Europe…)

 Was semi-retired for 2.5 years at 38 years old

I can do this because of my consistent passive income earned from licensing my photography to images banks. Stock photography is a great way to leverage your talent to build a business that lets you lead an artful life to feed yourself…and your soul!

I’m here to teach you how – learn everything it takes to successfully licence your images as stock photography, without the complications.

“You can create art without being a starving artist”

My images were featured by:

You mean you can make ACTUAL money from stock Photography?

Yep! and I am proof of it

It took some hard work but when I became serious about licensing lifestyle photography, I

 increased my revenues by 950% in 12 months

Since learning about Stock Photography I’ve:

 Earned over $130 000 USD from Stock Photography
 Traveled all over the world with my camera (Bali, South Africa, Europe…)
 Been semi-retired for 2.5 years at 38 years old

But there is a few things you’ll need to learn to get there:

 Rethink everything you think you know about selling images online: This is not your Uncle Bob’s Stock Photography!

 The technical requirements to get your images accepted

 Time-saving strategies so you can spend less time on admin and more time creating

Earning passive income has some major life perks

 Money for what matters to YOU

Saving for a dream vacation? Planning an early retirement? or finally buying that pro lense you’ve been drooling over? You name it… what would you do with hundreds or thousands of dollars coming in every month?

 SAY NO to tasks that drain you

Whether it’s dropping that ever demanding client or having someone else chasing dust bunnies around the house (do those ACTUALLY multiply?!), extra income puts you in a position where you can say NO, THANKS! Drop it or outsource it, the choice is now yours.

 Claim back your TIME

Being self-employed sure has perks but I know I missed paid vacations and long holiday weekends. Now let’s take that to the next level and add long term workations and semi-retired years, shall we?

 Re-CREATIFY your business

You got into photography because you are creative, right? The downside of working with clients is that they will dictate what and how you shoot (and what your portfolio will look like). Step back in your creative shoes and start planning your own photoshoots. Shoots you’ll be happy to work on,  shoots you’ll be proud to showcase in your porfolio and shoots that will attract you dream clients.

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